Sunday, January 25, 2009

ugly sick pig

09 September 2008

Atty Chenelyn Bumblebee

Legal Counsel

[State Office Name Here]

Dear Atty. Bumblebee:

Attached is a notarized incident report i have previously filed with the office of [State Office Name Here] supporting this formal complaint, which i am now filing in your good office against Mr. Ugly Sick Pig of [State Office Name Here]. I am also providing your office with sworn statements from witnesses on said subject, certifying to the veracity of the events of 27 August 2008.

I am filing this complaint with the hope that whatever dignity is left in my person be preserved, if not restored, in the eye of the public that witnessed how Mr. Ugly Sick Pig assaulted me with his deluge of harsh remarks.

For your office's perusal and swift action. Thank you very much.

Very respectfully yours,

Pie oh Pah

Administrative Officer

The Dreaming Attic

Ugly sick pig,

When will you squeak?

This mousy’s stiff scared

Of your size so big

You wriggled, you wiggled

Your snout for to bicker

I wrangled, I strangled

In this pen, so I’ve trembled

You dirty old bugger,

Think you’re so clever;

But this rat’s some weaver

So shudder and shiver


  1. is that your poem? wow! childish (i mean it in a good way huh) but full of angst.. almost mythological ang dating sa akin.

  2. ooooohhhhh, i remember this!!!!! hahahaha!

  3. eto ba yung nakwento mo sa akin friend nung nag-meet tayo? astig! hangtaray! hehehe =)

  4. @ dabo - opo. my poem. :) tenx.

    @ jamie - yes, dear. now you know this poem is for him. :)

    @scheez - yes friend. eto yun. taray ba? hindi naman...

  5. wow! i like this post! i love how you transpired your feelings into a courtroom drama, and ended the same with a well written poem which made it more feisty. loved it =)

    i'll link you up hehe =)

  6. @ gravity - it is happening in real life dear. :)

  7. Hangkyut naman nung poem. Hehehe. :)