Saturday, January 17, 2009

cough, cough.

This cough is getting out of hand. It started like a dry cough, then i noticed it did have phlegm companion whenever i forcibly cough. Must be the cold weather. Then again, it could have been triggered by a recent spa visit, where i did enjoy getting in and out of the dry sauna and the steam room; the Jacuzzi and the cold pool. Sudden temperature changes do wonders to the human body. Then again it could be the sweat drying on my back. Mom was ever vigilant reminding me of always keeping my back dry and changing shirt whenever i sweat in profusion. But then again she’s nowhere to remind me now, as i chose to spend my weekend here, alone in the metro. Well not really alone as i have eyvicat to keep me company, as i said, for one or two nights. But otherwise i’m left to my lonesome self here in a small studio type unit i’m renting, just a five minute walk to one of the mrt stations along EDSA. This morning i forced a cough. There were traces of blood in the phlegm i managed to expel.

Eyvicat suggested that i buy a phlegm expectorant from a drug store and see what happens. It might be that i ‘m exerting pressure way too much that my throat muscles tear.

Had this happened at home, sis would surely see this as an opportune time again to tell me that this is a sign to change ‘my ways’. In the time leading to and after i have unceremoniously outed myself to my sister, there was a slew of events that happened to me; one that required me to undergo a medical procedure, and the other one, involving an ugly sick pig in the company shuttlebus; all these, she points, injecting her spirituality, could be stemming from my taking an alternative lifestyle. In our heart to heart late night conversations she would always cry.

Being the cry baby that i am, it surprised me that at these events there were minimum amount of tears shed. It could be that the ducts dried a long time ago. Once upon a time there was a boy who prayed hard to god to spare him of the unnatural feelings he was having. Prayed so hard because he knew, growing up in a devout catholic extended family, attending a catholic school, and leading a nightly community block rosary recitation—with his sister and other relatives in attendance—that whatever he was feeling, if remained unchecked could lead him to the eternal fires of.. wherever. tears flowed. tears dried up.

People change i guess. Somewhere along the way, years and years passed, the boy and his sister are at the two sides of a coin, the love for each other unchanging but each one trying to win the other to his side of the argument.

There, there. Now, to buy that cough syrup.


  1. i cannot seem to make the connection between you developing a cough due to the weather and you being, er, the way you are. more so about the ugly pig, unless you weren't really referring to an animal that is :)

    give your sister the time she needs, pie. maybe a truce is what you shud aim for, for now.

  2. @ mugen - thanks. feeling a bit better now.

    @jamie - neither can i. the ugly sick pig, well he's not an animal, he's a monster. more on him in the coming posts.

  3. are you okay na ba...? nakabili ka na ba nung gamot...?

  4. @ dagger - a bit better na. yes, nakabili ako yesterday. para na nga akong adik sa cough syrup...i should try changing my header to the dreaming adik. hehehe.

  5. Oh honey, they'll be okay I'm sure. The boy and his sister. =)