Sunday, January 11, 2009


Seems like this whole blog is taking too long on introductions. Explosive first entry... check. Blog title introduction... check. Main character pie... check. Whew, quite a lengthy checklist, huh? When all i wanted was to shield my sister from reading my travails.

You see, i just outed myself to her just a few months back. It wasn't an intentional outing. There have been events prior to that which sort of led to me doing the whole song and dance number in front of her. something which might need a whole different entry just to cover the feel of one dramatic scene unfolding after another. Sigh. Suffice it to say that she sortof initiated me into this whole blogging thing (not that i haven't blogged before--as i've said, i was quite the prolific blogger even before assuming my gentle persona that some of you guys have already met; maintaining blogs that died their natural deaths, as such cases could be attributed to lack of cohesive subjects to anchor my ponderings on) for me to have something to busy myself with, other than my partner of more than three years.

it was her theory that i have to get busy so i'll forget him in time and maybe, just maybe, find a girl to marry like all good boys should. I do love my sister but when it comes to affairs of the heart i know my heart more than anyone could claim to know it ; so its taking me a tremendous amount of time management, shuttling from the metro to the province and to the metro again in the course of a week's progression to balance my family duties and of course to be with eyvicat even for just one or two nights. Of course, such activities have to have proper documentation so my blog(s) do not get left out of the scene, haha! :)

as my sister happens to be one of my first followers/ blog subscribers, i had to device something other than blocking her out entirely. I mean i do not want to be talking of my weekday activities with eyvicat knowing she would read it. Yet it pains me not to talk of such things knowing that my moments with eyvicat are a tremendous part of who i am.

It is in this manner that you get introduced to my beloved sister and eyvicat the beloved.