Wednesday, June 10, 2009

mader nabubuhay ang mga patay! part 3

Bernie and I will meet later tonight--same place, at the shangrila.

Sya ang patay na nabuhay at nangahas makipagkaibigan.

Out of whim (but now i'm beginning to doubt this), as we were chatting some days ago, i told him that i blogged of us finding each other again on chat after six years of no communication. he read parts one and two of this blog and urged me to go on with writing part three. i told him there will be no part three for this; i said i could never, and would not, knowing that he knows of this blog's existence already, continue rambling on this piece of my life; but deep within me, something is crying out for closure.

and so i write this.

tonight there will be one.