Friday, January 9, 2009

pie the resilient

Let me be pie to you, reader. I came here on blogspot by another name. Maybe you’ve read me before and liked me; followed me. Or maybe you just brushed me away as another whinning soul. But aren’t we all?

Been having a blast with my other blog but i had to back up a bit.. i had to reassess. In the months since i started, i was able to gather quite a following. Praises (or insults) were heaped on my nosebleed style of writing. But the question remains... am i truly satisfied with my truckload-full of words produced?

Did the blog serve what its header so blatantly proclaimed? Love, live, laugh and linger? I think not. Most of what pie loves, laughs about and lives for remains unwritten. My blog became so public an affair that my innermost feelings died before seeing the light of publication. So came this birthing process for my attic.

Dear self, what you cannot speak about, what you cannot write about, let me do it. Let pie the resilient handle it; take the pen from your hand and write it down; take the pain from your heart and cast it away; nurture you like no one else will (for who will, actually?) and see you grow into the gentle self you so dream about. For as one blogger have put it: “i am but just a dream” or something like that; let me be your dream. let this be your dreaming attic, weary gentle soul. sleep now.


  1. im still wondering sino ka or ano blog mo dati hahaha

    and you know what, karamihan ng sentimental na blogger, for a start or in the long run, kulay black ang kanilang background..


  2. Sabi ko na nga ba. This is you. :)

    I just remembered something. A teacher once told me not just to read but to read what is not written.

  3. @ dabo - it just felt like the right color. :)

    @ neil - :) and what is not written? matalinghaga ka na naman kuya ha. hehehe.

  4. I'm not really sure if I have read you before... Hmmm.. Let me start today. ;)