Monday, January 12, 2009

the descent

six years ago there was this boy named pie who thought love could be had in chatrooms. he'd often log on early in the night, and log out with sleepless eyes, tired and disappointed. so young was this boy that realization did not strike him that time--that prince charming does not lurk in such places.

so eager was he to meet the other half of his beating heart that he took pains in improving himself physically. he lost a whopping 40 lbs in 6 months, by sheer diet alone; oblivious of the fact that he was reviewing for his board exam that time and such drastic measures could jeopardize his mental performance--but nope, this boy's gotta be fabulous. gotta be ready when boy wonder arrives to sweep him off his feet.

the first two years was spent hitting the dancefloor. not on a regular basis, but on momentuous occassions like when his boyfriend of one month, his first, broke up with him because, the guy said, in shining shimmering splendid quotes "it's not you, its me." feeling cheated of a long and rewarding relationship, he went out with friends to see-and-be-seen places of gaydom malate, dancing the grief out of his system. there, he saw the priest who just said mass that afternoon in their office, also surveying the place. sigh. surely that sight had some bearing on his not-so-pleasant view of religions nowadays. he also saw his big boss dancing with the boys the following night, during that two-day dance extravaganza. the third time, he sweated it out with a new found friend.

sadly this friend was not the type who enjoyed such frivolities as his hole ached for much intimate trysts. together with him, pie found himself exploring a whole new dizzying world. gone now is the innocence.. long gone.

to be continued


  1. six years ago i was also reviewing for the board exams but instead of exploring the streets of gaydom malate, i was busy with straight buddies plying the length of avenida where entertainment of men comes in all forms, sizes and shapes.

    i don't know what happened after =)

    welcome back to blogging, pie.

  2. Can't wait for the continuation.

  3. I was introduced two years ahead of you. Looking forward to your next entry.

  4. wait. did I just misread the ending from the previous entry. or was I over reading again?

  5. nope, you didnt misread kuya. as the "dreaming" in the dreaming attic suggests, posts here are non-linear. you'll get the hang of it as you journey along with me. :)

  6. I guess we underwent the same transformation. I miss the days when I too was still "innocent"...