Monday, January 19, 2009


Chinky. My shuttlebus seatmate. My partner in crime. My confidant. My friend. I miss our "batcave" days when we just meet at the stairwell to talk in hushed tones of last night's affairs; or krissy's bad girl moments wherein i get to top the list of office casualties. I miss our dinners before heading home. I miss your one-liners. I miss my visits to your office or yours to mine; just to talk, using the standard codenames just in case the person we are talking about pass by and accidentally catch on the subject. I miss going to the shuttlebus at night or in the mornings looking for you; immediately sitting beside you, and once again resuming on where we left at, prior to the last shuttle ride we took.

The shuttle was half-filled tonight. At the entrance i immediately looked for that familiar haircut, and the jawline, and those chinky slits for eyes. I immediately saw your back as i entered from the rear entrance of the bus. Beside you, my girl officemate called my name and motioned me to sit between the two of you. i tentatively approached, taking care not to look at you in the eye. I mustered to say a little "hello" and you replied with a little "hi"; doubting all the while as i'm hearing it, if your gaze even wandered in my direction. As i sat beside you, girl officemate began her endless prattle covering an already quite familiar terrain. I steered the conversation so that girl and i talked for the duration of the ride; all the while taking note of your hands—the one beside me—never leaving its grasp on the headrest fronting you, your elbow substituting for a vicious guard dog.

I did the same.

I miss you chinky.


  1. hahaha heto pa isa..missing you din and topic.

    i've written before what 'missing someone' feels like.. missing you is like a dream that cannot be stop. one way or another it must come true

  2. seems like the bridge is still intact. why not talk and patch things up? friends are so hard to find nowadays, good ones that is.

  3. @ dabo - sige. tumawa ka. hmp. :)

    @ jamie - i dunno. i know him well enough to even try. remember when i said i tried na before, to the point na parang mukha na akong kawawa? i dont want to be in that situation again. nkakamiss nga lang talaga sya. :(

  4. Ang hirap ng ganyan Kuya Pie. Pero alam mo ginagawa ko? Nagpapakumbaba na lang ako na ako ang nag-aapproach kahit mukha ako tanga. At least I tried and made an effort.

  5. I missed a little detail about you and Chinky. May I ask why did you go separate ways again?

  6. @ scheez - i tried, not just once. :( sabi nga ng lola mo nung we were still very very close, pang miss universe ang ganda nya. miss world lang ako. malas mo pag nasabihan kang miss earth. beauty with a purpose. hehehehe.

    @ mugen - i havent wrote about it pa. entries here will go back and forth in time, unstructured, just like a dream. :)