Wednesday, January 7, 2009

the dreaming attic

i've always wanted to have this one as a blog title. i remember setting up a blog years ago called the dreaming attic, but my venture with words back then didn't quite prosper, and that attic just got burried in heaps and heaps of dust and cobwebs.

now in its present incarnation, i have high hopes that my little online corner will really be a place where dreams will take wings and fly. the attic could be a dark unwelcoming place but not this one, not my attic. surely there will be episodes that will bask in gloom as any attic is bound to experience that, given a single day's progresion; shadows come with the package i guess. but the attic, too, can be a comfy place for daydreaming. conveniently tucked away from the maddening world, the shadows can be a comfort when too much light is directed on you. now i'm quite a camwhore and wouldn't mind stagelights intruding my personal life once in a while, but not in this prolonged agony. and stagelights, they are not--more like searchlights they are, if you ask me; designed to hunt and kill. and this pie have dreams worth a killing; but pie will not be killed.

pie will dream some more in this attic. i invite you to pick your corner and dream with me.


  1. And I hope I'd be welcome to stay and observe your life inside your attic. Welcome to blogspace.

  2. thanks mugen! your welcome to stay. :)

  3. yup blog titles do matter.. he he