Thursday, February 5, 2009

the emancipation project

Those of you who follow my other blog would surely know by now that i am a librarian. Yes, unbelievable it may seem, i am one of the few who earn a living by tending to pages of information, knowledge, reason and enlightenment (?); collecting, organizing and making them readily available for access to researchers. my work requires one to have a keen eye for details, and also to have lotsa patience, not just for unruly/ noisy researchers (shushing is hardly my style) but especially for use at one helluva boss too, that just seems to come from one. Yes, dear reader, lets just call her Krissy Mae, the librarian from hell.

Recently, all my efforts are being directed at one life project i tentatively call “the emancipation of pie,”—my apologies, Mariah, for borrowing your title without permission; i would have called you but my current workload wouldn’t allow me the luxury of doing such. So if you ever come across this blog entry, please understand and take pity; for i am now undergoing what you’ve just gone through with tommy—only with krissy, it is anything but sexual...oh puhleease.

For five glorious years i have toiled under a burning heat. Yes, i’ve been terribly burnt. I turned to writing, to yoga, to running, to watching movies, to reading escapist fares just to have a seeming normalcy in my otherwise abnormal mindscape. Yes, she invaded my psyche too. It seems krissy mae has a doctorate in psywar, for how else would one explain that i became this frozen delight; a promising career gone stale in just the blink of an eye. Have i known that things would turn out this way, i would have applied in other offices right away, instead of stepping in her lair that fateful day of June, five years ago.

“Ma’am, i thought its only respectful that i tell you first before you get to know it from other people, after all i wouldn’t be here have you not taken notice and took me in. I saw an opening for [state position here] and i am thinking of giving it a try, if its ok with you.”

“no, its not ok with me. In fact sobrang hindi ok para sa akin that i will go to great lengths to go straight to [state name and position here] para sirain kita.”

Now, tell me, how’s that for a telenovela scene?

Pie is in anguish. It is time to act. Whatever the outcome, it is better than not to have acted at all.


  1. go anyway. if she want's war... she gets war. something i have learned from the past is that sometimes, you really have to play their game. survival na to.

    stay cool, pie. a clear, calculating head is what you need now.

  2. Siraan...hmmm...

    You're record should speak for yourself - the number of absences and lates, or the number of promotions or the delicate tasks assigned to you.

    What she's doing, it's a trap. Try not to say something bad about your boss during interviews. It's still about how you sell yourself to the other company.

  3. welcome to the blogosphere ^_^

    thanks for visiting my nonsensical blog ^_^

  4. Pardon me if I didn't understand the story well, but I think your boss is so possessive that she doesn't want to let you go.

    Or maybe she likes you so much, she wants to own you. Lol.

  5. i think mariah wouldn't mind =)

    gosh, five long years. if you're no longer happy, there's no reason to stay. go ahead and be emancipated =)

  6. i must agree with niel... don't malign krissy mae... if your interviewer would be the head of the department you'd be moving to, he/she might think you'd do the same thing to him/her when things go wrong...

  7. i agree with niel. do not say anything bad about your evil boss. in fact, do hope she will go to great lengths to discredit you. it will reflect how insecure she is about you.

    employers, at least the rational ones, will look into facts, not hearsay. if your prospective employer does succumb to your evil boss's wicked blahs, well, you wouldn't want to work for someone who could easily be hoodwinked, right?