Monday, February 23, 2009

final chenelyn : the ugly sick pig letters

Atty. Chenelyn Kylie
[State designation here]
[State office name here]

Dear Atty. Kylie:

On the matter of Mr. Ugly Sick Pig’s request to his Honor that a counter-charge be levelled on me, i must head-on address the issue and say my piece.

Let me be clear on one thing : a verbal threat is a serious matter—it cannot just be brushed aside on appeal that he did it simply because he was, in his words, “annoyed by my indecent actions”. The fact that he assaulted me on account of him thinking that my “burat” was brushing past his shoulder, he was clearly the one who injected malice to the action which from the beginning, i maintain, to have resulted from a series of factors that i didn’t have control over. I also maintain, as with one witness’ account, that i apologized for having bumped him; something he did not take heed of, as he chose to lash at this perceived “indecency” to the hilt, acting on gratuitous conclusions.

No matter where one looks at it, he is the one on the offensive side—the one with the foul temper and the mouth to rival it. He never denied any of his pronouncements as i quoted him in my incident report; in fact he admitted to having said all those cruel words on account of his being annoyed. Now a rational civil servant could have acted on one’s annoyance by addressing it with diplomacy, hearing out what the other party has to say with the hope to clear any misunderstanding, but Mr. Ugly Sick Pig chose the ballistic path early on.

Having stated my point, i don’t think “level” is the right word to use, commenting on his request to “level” a counter-charge against me. i have been ridiculed, harassed and tortured emotionally since day-one this incident happened—it has been anything but “level”.

To really level things, i humbly appeal to his Honor’s better judgment—and let justice be served where it’s meant to be served.

Granting Mr. Ugly Sick Pig’s request is tantamount to rewarding him for his unsavoury statements. Furthermore, i respectfully move for the termination of the period of investigation, and seek for the consequent resolution of the case, on account of Mr. Ugly Sick Pig’s failure to explain as directed, by OSLC Memorandum dated 07 October 2008.

Thank you very much.

Respectfully yours,

Pie oh Pah
Administrative Officer, the Dreaming Attic

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