Sunday, February 22, 2009

post-tumble squirt

Its a Saturday afternoon. Having woke up hours before a scheduled meet-up with bloggogatchi girl, i decided to write something to pass the time. i don’t normally sleep in the afternoons, but today, i did. Its a special day, considering that its seldom that i find myself in the metro during weekends. Beside me eyvicat is still sleeping. We were both exhausted, what with the passionate early morning tumble in bed we had, just hours ago; more so with him, as he came here straight from a graveyard shift. so i’ll just let him be for some couple more hours.

Who would have thought that there will be an end to that spiralling madness of casual meet-ups and one nightstands, three years ago? Who would have thought i’d meet someone who would want to embark on a journey with me? someone who saw me not only in my best but also in my worst, and is still with me all these time? caring for me, loving me. Three years, six months and twenty-one days to this day. I couldn’t ask for anything more.

We met at unlike other guys who posted pictures of sculpted torsos or face pictures taken at the best times, i first saw eyvicat with that ‘bagong gising’ look. Hehehe. i dunno, but i immediately took a liking of that picture and decided to send him a message commenting on his shoutout, something about [im]patiently waiting. He answered, saying that he is both patiently and impatiently waiting for the right person; and that became the start of a lengthy exchange, through YM, before finally deciding to meet up.

It was a Monday evening. Straight from work and wearing a long-sleeved barong tagalong, i met him at glorietta. He was wearing an old-rose colored muscle shirt; and though the awkwardness of our attires put side by side made us uncomfortable, it didn’t take long to find ourselves laughing and beaming with relief that the other guy confirmed exactly the image one had formed in his mind in the course of the YM chat. We had dinner at icebergs, and that was the start of something beautiful.

I remember writing something for the “who you’d want to meet” part of my Friendster profile, some years back, before meeting eyvicat. Something about waking up in the mornings with kisses on my back. He sure must have remembered it well, as he kissed my back this morning—tracing a lovely pattern—as a post-tumble gesture of tenderness. At any moment now, he is sure to wake up sporting again that look i fell for, three years ago.—that bagong gising look only my dee could execute in perfect unison with my beating heart. hehehe. Ah, it just keeps getting better.


  1. Nice, nice. No matter how I thrust myself towards the loveless oblivion, entries like yours keep me hoping,

    That someone would come along and hopefully, change how things ran during the six years of my romantic life.

  2. Three years, nice! And I thought (and still am thinking) how difficult it must be having a partner that works for a different time-zone.

  3. @ mugen - thanks. just dont look too hard. he might be right in front but you dont notice cuz you're too busy squinting hard for mr. perfect. too much brain use is bad for the heart sometimes.

    @ niel - nasa scheduling lang yan. hehehe. :)

  4. I don't know whether to hate this post or love it. Not no hate it because the two of you love each other, but because I'm jealous for not having Significant Other my own.

    I'm still waiting for that someone who would sing me Hero by Enrique Iglesias. He is my hero, wherever or whoever he is.

  5. hmmm. does that mean if i ever put "PIOLO PASCUAL" on my Who you wanna meet part on friendster-affects the probability of actually meeting him and having him kiss on me back too? lol

  6. @scheez -as i put in my txt, malay mo hes just lurking around. dont be all too gloomy dear, kelangan palagi tayong maganda. we never really know when the right person pops out. so better be not caught unaware, d b?

    @ herbs - you have to wish for it really, really hard, dear. :)

  7. kakileeeeeg hehe. =)