Saturday, April 18, 2009

wolves in my garden part two

It was my first time to touch a hard cock. It felt warm in my hand. Big beyond my imaginings, and pulsating. I swallowed hard, just holding it. I felt excited.

I felt confused too. That Lino, of all people would do this to me. summon me from my room through his roommate Tupas and bring me here, in a room identical to mine but a lot denser. The density in the air apparently comes from the ill intents of the occupants.

i first came to know of them from when we were starting out at the other dormitory reserved for green horns in the university. They were already roommates then—Lino striking me as the studious one, the shy and good mannered boy from down south; while Tupas had the air of a Young Robin Padilla; pilyo but not in any way unmanageable. I meet them on the way to the mess hall, the showers, passing by the corridor going to my room. I exchange smiles, little chit-chats with them during our regular corridor meetings. They were like the rest, a friendly bunch, my family away from home.

In all that time, until that fateful day, i was a really chubby kid. I already had gay leanings but kept it to myself fearing rejection and embarrassment should i decide to act on my feelings. Of the two, it was with Tupas i had a slight crush on; something i learned very early on to just keep to myself, and not do anything about. Like so many crushes that come and go, i easily got over him. A year after Kalayaan, i can meet him in the eye and not feel a single twitch in that muscle in the nether regions.

On the other hand, I never did have the slightest malice in dealing with Lino. He was always nice to me, as with everyone else. Being the brainiac that he was (he was one of our batch’s oblation scholar) i always felt an affinity with him when it came to intellectual pursuits. So when Tupas went to my room that day and asked me to go with him to see Lino for some important matter, i didn’t have the slightest hesitation nor apprehension of going with the roommate.

Besides, who will hit on a chubby gay teener that could easily give Ryan Yllana a run for his money?

to be continued


  1. dont worry. i was a chubby teen too when i was well..around 13 but men still loveddd me hahaha.

    so...may continuation pa right? MORE DETAILS PIE! LOL

  2. they find you challenging, probably, maybe its your confidence and brain.

  3. Kung kelan pa ako mas malaki ang pangangatawan, dun pa ako mas maraming iskor.

  4. Salbaheng Lino na 'yan. I hate him.


    Can I get his number? *evil grin*

  5. lino was a lamb turned to wolf...