Thursday, April 23, 2009

waking up

i only know what i know...
the passing years will show
you've kept my love
so young, so new...

and time after time
you'll hear me say
that i'm so lucky
to be loving you...

woke up today, with chet baker's song time after time immediately playing in my head. ewan ko ba. basta lam ko lang the song jived with my mood. i immediately followed it up by accessing my itunes library for the real thing; and up went chet's languid voice filling my morning.


  1. time after time.......

    mine was Pink's sober.

  2. Shofatid, after searching the songs that you gave me I just made a realization na magkalayong-magkalayo ang taste natin sa music. Tho meron namang iba na type ko rin, feroh mostly hindi ko ma-appreciate. Your music genre preference is too classy for my jologs taste. Hehehehe =)

  3. from there i wondered how the rest of the day has been.

  4. @ herbs - havent heard the sober song.. so i really dunno what you're trying to say bebe gurl..

    @ scheez - hindi naman.. wag ka ngang ganyan! baka isipin ng ibang makakabasa neto tutyal ako.

    @ wandering commuter - it turned out fine. :)