Monday, April 27, 2009

wolves in my garden part three

The corridors are slowly turning into a blur; the coldness of the floor, and the shadows at play in the dark corners of the passageway meld with my thumping heart; making the flight to my room an intense, one way-ticket to a heart attack.

he told me to touch it. he asked me, nakahawak ka na ba ng titi? and that I’m welcome to touch it. pulled in as if in a dream, I felt my saliva thickening; in my chest, a slow drum beat could be heard; faint at first, then slowly building in rhythm. Soon, the walls of my heart started reverberating with the beat.

I am not experiencing this.

You will not touch, pie.

No matter how hard he tempts you.

You musn’t.

I saw his hand slowly reaching for mine. My muscles felt weak, unable to resist, despite my mind clearly processing all of this. His hand led mine right to the spot. Dead center. It traversed the garters of his walking shorts, past the seams of his underwear, hugging his hips snugly. I felt him massive, pulsating; his length tangled with down and mixed with sweat.

It was steaming-hot inside that little space where my hand found itself, reluctant to leave. And in that room, too, heat was rising in the air. 'Tis my first time.

This is all wrong.

This is conspiracy, pie.

They’ve planned this well, and you’re falling into a trap.

With all the strength I could muster, I broke loose of Lino’s spell and ran for the door. And just like a watchful sentinel, Tupas was there, outside their room, standing by the door; keeping guard of the proceedings. His startle was evident in his eyes when I pushed him, running in confusion, towards my room.

And toward sanity.

Its been ten years now; but the wolves in my garden keep on prowling. In the dead of the night, they watch, and they grin. Prowling, prowling, prowling.

the end


  1. in the dead of the night, they watch, and they grin.

    and when you least expect them, they will come and play.

  2. hihihihi pahawak naman ng titi :P hindi pa ko nakakahawak eeeeeee

  3. @Herbs - That is the lie of the century. Even the millenium.

  4. this pie seems trying hard to live in an ideal world.

  5. Weird, I used to see myself as a wolf looking for his own pack. Hehehe.

  6. @ geek - this hasnt always been the case. these memory was long since repressed and was only triggered again by a coffee meetup with a dormmate around 3 weeks ago.

    @ scheez and herbs - malandi kayong pareho. kayo na lang ang maghawakan.

    @ niel - we must always reach for our ideals, no matter what. :)

    @ mugen - well, i might be very well the lamb to your wolf. :) hehehe.

  7. xxx - mukhang may hidden message ito ah... hahaha

    @ mugen - well, i might be very well the lamb to your wolf. :) hehehe.