Thursday, March 26, 2009

midnight voodoo

Midnight strikes. The witching hour begins.

You are in a darkened room filled with tight, glistening bodies. the lone light bulb is in a losing battle with the thick steam that clouds the mind, and heightens the senses. Sweat mingles with heat, heat mingles with intent. You are all three, now: sweat, heat and intent; as you find yourself the pulsating center of that tiny room filled with bodies drenched with lust.

A hand slowly tugs at you from under the covers of your towel; its cadence slowly sending sparks across your body as you moan that first moan. Fingers work your chest, bringing your nipples to the right amount of hardness. Moist lips flutter around your neck and your arms. You arch your back and stare into the mist; it hovers, observing the spectacle below; with you sprawled in royal adoration by your subjects. It hangs suspended, readying itself it seems, for the great dive. A hand grapples with your towel, loosening its hold along your waist—in seconds it will lie limp on the tiled floor; in seconds, higher rituals will commence.

You feel tongues now, playing in the hard, sloping grounds of your chest; rivers of saliva run copiously and freely on your thighs. The mists have come down now, playful, staring at you directly in the eye. It stings. You close your eyes for a moment to hold your ground. Until now this grey entity have not revealed its intents to you—is it another one of your admirers, or another queen bee in this damp and dreary place? Slowly, you open your eyes in time to see the mists parting; deliberately it seems, to reveal the faces of your ardent slaves. Not exactly of prince charming’s ilk; but more like heaving ogres readying for the kill.

In your mind you scream silent screams.

Clock strikes five minutes past midnight. You walk out of the darkened room with the flickering light bulb, still breathing.


  1. i like.
    parang diring diri talaga sa nakaraan ah.

  2. hehehe. oo naman no. ayoko nang magbuhay puta. thanks niel. :)

  3. You walk out of the darkened room with the flickering light bulb, still breathing..

    still silently screaming? and completely sated? hehehe

    will stalk this voodoo doll...

  4. i learned from the great niel camhalla that its better to leave somethings for the imagination to fill. i hope this answers your question, doll. :)

  5. fave blogger...

    yes, did..hehehe

  6. okay siya. ansaya sayaaaa hahahah. so should we make voodoo dolls soon?

  7. Mali ang basa ko ah! Akala ko namimiss mo yung buhay bathhouse mo. Hehehe. Pasensya na.

    Oh well. Magtwo-two years na mula nung first time ko sa Club Bath. Lagpas one year na rin simula nung last kong balik dun.

  8. *blushing* salamat sa compliments pero 'great' is too great a word for me. I'm still a student and an informal one at that :)