Sunday, March 22, 2009

for posterity

18 March 2009

Atty. Chenelyn Kylie
[state designation here]
[state name of office here]

Dear Atty. Kylie:

In reference to Mr. Ugly Sick Pig’s apology letter dated 17 March 2009 which was coursed to your office and copy-furnished the undersigned, I am informing your office that i was delighted with such an unexpected gesture from Mr. Pig’s part. I accept his apology; for who am I to refuse such, if it is willingly given?

Let me be clear though, that accepting his apology does not melt my resolve to have this case seen through until the very end, with its resolution properly administered by your good office. I humbly submit that the findings and recommendations by your investigation team be not dismissed just because I have accepted Mr. Ugly Sick Pig’s apology; i believe that Mr. Pig, repentant though he may be, is still answerable to an administrative sanction caused by his previous actions.

I further submit that whatever the sanction deemed by your office, be reflected in his 201 file for posterity, alongside his apology letter, and this correspondence. Thank you.

Very truly yours,

Pie oh Pah
Administrative Officer, the Dreaming Attic