Thursday, March 12, 2009

diga sa sauna

"‘isa sa mga tinurn-down mo?’, i just had to reread the message you sent last night”.

Yes. Hehehe.

Gwapo talaga ng dadee ko

Not really. I don’t see myself that way. A lot of guys are far more blessed than i am in the looks department. But i know i have my charms. I’ve capitalized on it many times, especially during the lost years, when i have been desperately seeking someone to spend my life with. Those were turbulent times, indeed; when anyone who ‘d practically show any glint of interest will be dealt with an extreme show of affection on my part. Texts, dinner dates. Then he’ll just ditch you like a used cumrag after a few meet-ups. Three tiring years of dating and bedding men. Then my dee came. someone up there must be really watching over, coz he came when i was just at the point of drowning. sabi nga sa salitang pokpok, panahon na para gumarahe, pie.

The domesticated life is a charmed life. though once in a while, as my ex-friend chinky mae would say, “mader, may mga patay na nabubuhay!” hehehe. nagpaparamdam ba.

This was the case with marvin, a med student i met at a spa a year ago. Now i have been well into the married life at that time—two years with my dee and very much in love. It was at the sauna that i first noticed him staring at me. i didn’t pay attention and just went with my business of melting excess fats by heat when suddenly a voice took me away from my thoughts. It was him, the guy who only had eyes for me. normally in staring situations at the sauna or the steam bath, i stare back poker-faced, hoping it will do the trick of turning them away, to just leave me be with my business. And it usually works. But then this one had a voice. And it said hi. Not meaning to be rude, i returned the gesture and said hello. That was the start of a conversation i don’t usually engage in. He told me right away that he found me “cute”, in his words. Knowing where the conversation is headed, i courteously thanked him but said i’m in a relationship and i’ve nothing to offer him but friendship.

It was a very awkward situation to be in. More so for him than me, i suppose. He had no choice but to take the rejection, and take it well lest the other men in the room take notice if he suddenly made a scene with uncontrolled emotions; but what followed took me by surprise.

Taking my offer of friendship, he asked for my number, which i gave. This surprised me, as i don’t normally give my number to anyone who asks. When i was a regular at a bathhouse in E. Rodriguez, and somebody would ask for my number after an encounter, i usually change a digit so that it becomes useless. But since marvin and i had a lengthy conversation already, and he seemed nice, i couldn’t bear giving out a fake one.

At the back of my mind though, i was already formulating a strategy for neutralizing this potential threat in me and my dee’s relationship.

To be continued


  1. "when anyone who ‘d practically show any glint of interest will be dealt with an extreme show of affection on my part."- i can be like this a LOT. when it feels like no one out there would just accept you,that you fuck with everyone who has a heartbeat..sigh *hugs*

    nice. im quite intrigued with what will happen next :D ayeeee.

  2. Like what Herb said, I know the feeling.

    Looking fwd to your neutralizing techniques just to compare notes.


  3. Ouch! Napaso ako friend. Ang hot mo kasi. =P